If you’ve played Plants vs. Zombies on your Windows computer, then you are going to absolutely enjoy the latest installment that’s in APK form for Android smartphone and has been presented to you by Pop Cap Games and Electronic Arts. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.6.27 is finally here and carries a massive space of 47.58MB.

The objective of the game is pretty much the same as from the original Plants vs. Zombies title and revolves around the player requiring lightning mouse-clicking speeds and a strategic plan to prevent Zombies from reaching the player’s house. However, thanks to the introduction of the superhero theme in the latest game, you’ll have more gameplay elements at your disposal, and as a result, you will possibly be able to enjoy more than you ever have on the previous titles.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.6.27 APK Download Is Now Available

The latest APK update will ensure bug fixes and performance improvements. However, it is recommended that you have a phone with decent hardware tucked inside to ensure even better performance. If you have a Nexus device, then that will be even better. You can download the Plants vs. Zombies APK from APK Pure, but you’ll have to be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the app to be compatible with your Android device.


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