Popular Electronic arts game, Plants Vs Zombies 2, gained a major update after 15 days, nearly. The latest update is available for Free Download and has some added features to it. Let’s get on with the features added according to the company.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

The update is all about Summer Nights mode as the company added a new mode called Summer Nights to enjoy with hot backyard parties. There won’t be updates till this mode completes, as the company states it in the official blog post.

The update also brings some of the new Zombies to the list. Seven New Summer- Ready Zombies are added to the already existing collection such as HOT DOG, etc. The New mode called Plant Explode-O-Nut is also added to the list.

The official changelog is as follows:

Summer Nights are here and the un-living is easy. Celebrate with hot backyard parties June 23 through July 7, plus:

• Special-edition plant Strawburst – jamming for a limited time
• New special-edition plant Explode-O-Nut
• 7 summer-ready zombies, including Hot Dog Imp
• Explosive firework piñatas
• 5 collectible costumes
• Summertime Vasebreaker mode – sparklers with every smash
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The update still did not hit the Play Store. If you want to try the latest update, head over to Aptoid.com to download the APK and install manually on your device. And, don’t forget to let us know the new features and additions to the already existing app in the comments section below.


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