A fan talked with Xbox head, Phil Spencer, on Twitter. He was asking whether he thought mouse and keyboard use on consoles prompted to an uncalled for favorable position for those players.

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Phil Spencer Talks About Overwatch Mouse and Keyboard Support For Console Players

“Unmistakably at times, mouse and keyboard is a preference,” Spencer said. “I’m a devotee of giving the apparatuses to studios and they’ll do what’s best for their games.” The Xbox One doesn’t right now bolster keyboard and mouse. Nonetheless, Phil Spencer indicated as of late that it could yet come later on.

“It won’t be there at dispatch yet this is support we’d get a kick out of the chance to add as it goes to the Xbox stage,” he said when inquired as to whether Halo Wars 2 would bolster mouse and keyboard on Xbox One.

Preferably, Blizzard might want to see console producers either prohibit mouse and keyboard out and out. They would likewise incline toward that for data conversion gadgets too. On the other hand, they would incline towards the use of these things if these things are accessible transparently and effortlessly for all players.

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