Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has revealed that Xbox One games this year are not Halo/Gears of War. He additionally expressed that it will be a fun year. This was made evident when Phil Spencer was posed the question. “Will we see another IP on Xbox One this year, or one year from now, that wasn’t said some time recently?”


Phil Spencer is sure about Xbox One’s exclusives during the current year and says they won’t resemble Halo or Gears of War

“XB1 games shipping this year are different for us. not Halo FPS/Gears led, new experiences with different IP, will be fun year”. It’s unquestionably an energizing explanation for any Xbox One fan. Moreover, this ought to additionally energize those of you anticipating E3 2017.

This is a decision made with the right intentions. It will be an altogether different year than every year from dispatch onwards. Sounds like perhaps we will get a declaration of a new IP at E3.

So would they say they will bring new IPs or the ones we definitely know about? Crackdown 3, Cuphead, and Forza. Those are not Halo or Gears pf War. We have to find some hidden meaning in what Phil Spencer just said. Ideally, they have a few surprises in store for us. They have a ton to demonstrate now on the grounds that their reputation is a little discolored at this moment. E3 2014 rings a bell. A large portion of those games (the huge overwhelming hitters) got wiped out. 4 out of 5 to be correct. Microsoft, you have such a large number of IPs from such a long time. Therefore, now it’s an ideal opportunity to utilize them.

Ideally, other than Project Scorpio, Microsoft should brings their A game. Indeed, they should simply bring a few games at least. New IPs will definitely be preferred. Rivalry is required in light of the fact that Nintendo is doing their own particular thing of course. They have to keep Sony on their toes. We can hardly wait for E3. It will be an incredible year. One new console reveal and a whole ton of games. We’re truly eager to perceive what Sony and MS have up their sleeves.

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