The Scalebound cancellation was a standout amongst the most open, prominent, and obliterating game cancellations for Microsoft. It was done in an era loaded with prominent game cancellations. It cleared out Microsoft’s game yield and essentially decreased it to nothing. And left inquiries concerning where Microsoft’s first party and exclusives portfolio goes from here. But Phil Spencer has something different to say.

phil spencer

Phil Spencer Says He Has Learned A Lot From The Scalebound Debacle

Talking on IGN’s Unlocked podcast, Xbox head Phil Spencer handled the issue of Scalebound’s cancellation head on. “You’d think I would be savvy enough to recollect the learnings I have experienced unfailingly. However, once in a while when we begin something new, we discuss it too soon. Individuals recall when we reported Ryse, it was called Codename Kingdoms or something”. He went on to say how he learned a lot from Scalebound’s cancellation followed by the usual reminder that Microsoft still has a lot up its sleeve.

We do trust that he balances it out a bit. Microsoft is on the cusp of reporting a fresh out of the plastic new console this year. And you don’t offer a console on the guarantee of simply the exclusive games that it is propelling with. Microsoft needs to turn out with everything it has. They need to guarantee individuals that Xbox One Project Scorpio will be home to the sorts of encounters that individuals can’t get on their PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

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  • Davey681

    He learned that there are a plethora of Sony pony cry babies and frauds that pollute the gaming media. It’s a Fing cancelled game…Sony has closed down 5 studios in the past 3 years which accounts for 20 cancelled games.