Phil Spencer discussed Project Scorpio and cross-platform gameplay between Xbox One and PC. Microsoft Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter again to address inquiries from gamers. Spencer urged fans to hold up to see games running on the up and coming console code named Project Scorpio, before Pre-Ordering it.

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Phil Spencer alerts gamers to take a gander at games first before pre-ordering Project Scorpio

Requested by a user on Twitter, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has prompted fans to hold up to see the games on the framework. They ought to do this before they consider pre-ordering Project Scorpio. It is the new console that Microsoft plans to showcase before the finish of 2017.

Spencer by chance likewise re-affirmed that the Elite controller will be good with Project Scorpio as well. We additionally get word on Cross-Platform gameplay between Xbox One and PC. It wasn’t executed in Halo Wars 2 because of engine difficulties. However, Spencer might want to see it turn out to be more across the board From now on.

As indicated by the spec leaks recorded in just recently, Xbox Scorpio ought to have these specs. An aggregate memory of 13 GB (with 12 GDDR5X shared and 1GB DDR3 for applications and the console on standby). VEGA GPU (6.3 TFLOPS, 64 ROPS and 130 TMU, 950 Mhz, 64 ALU, GCN 4.0). A CPU in the vein of the Ryzen innovation (redone by Microsoft). Lastly, a devoted DSP sound chip, SoC item to 14 nm and an aggregate limit of round about 6.5 and 7 Teraflops. Since this is essentially just talk, we welcome you to take the news with a squeeze of salt. You ought to sit tight for an affirmation (or refusal) by Microsoft.

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