The biggest difference between two most popular football games today, FIFA and PES, was always team licensing. And while every FIFA is packed with licensed leagues and national teams, every single PES game lacked big in that area.

PES 2016

And with its upcoming EURO 2016 DLC, the licensing problem will stay the same. Out of 24 teams that will be included, 9 of them will not have authentic strips and (quite possibly) real names. Those teams are Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. This is really getting ridiculous, if you are planning to release EURO 2016 DLC, at least have the decency to cash out the money for all teams licenses.

The PES EURO 2016 DLC will release on March 24th and it will be free to all owners of the game. A standalone version of EURO 2016 version of the game will be released on April 21st for PS3 and PS4, it will be available both physically and digitally.

Konami’s European football brand director, Erik Bladinieres said that “All eyes will be on France as Europe’s most prestigious international competition gets underway in June, and we are delighted to present the official game of the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament. With such a high standard of football on show, only the PES series could truly recreate it in all its glory.” Well, it can’t because in order to achieve such a high standard of football you can’t leave more than one-third of teams unlicensed.