We now have the PES 2017 player ratings which will help you immensely in getting the best out of the game. However, you’d be surprised at some of the ratings and not surprised at some. Since the game is not allowed to use real club names, we’ll be using the in-game fake club names. So, don’t be alarmed when you read something like London FC, MD White etc.

pes 2017 player ratings
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PES 2017 Player Ratings for best forwards

Forwards are the players on a football team who play nearest to the opposing team’s goal. Therefore, they are most responsible for scoring goals. Furthermore, they have advanced position and limited defensive responsibilities. This means forwards normally score more goals on behalf of their team than other players.

MessiBarcelona C.F.94
RonaldoMD White93
SuarezBarcelona C.F.92
IbrahimovicMan Red90
BaleMD White90

PES 2017 Player Ratings for best defenders

Defender is an outfield player whose primary role is to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals. Furthermore, there are four types of defenders. Centre-back, sweeper, full-back, and wing-back. Additionally, the centre-back and full-back positions are most important.

RamosMD White90
BoatingFree Agent90
PiqueBarcelona C.F.87
AlabaFree Agent86

PES 2017 Player Ratings for best Mid-fielders

Midfielders are generally positioned on the field between their team’s defenders and forwards. Some midfielders play a more defensive role. they break up attacks and are more disciplined to their roles.However, some are known as defensive midfielders. They blur the boundaries and are more mobile. They are efficient in passing and are commonly known as deeplying playmakers, box to box or holding midfielders.

IniestaBarcelona C.F.89
PogbaMan Red89
VidalFree Agent88
KroosMD White88
HazardLondon FC87

PES 2017 Player Ratings for best Goal-keeper

A goalkeeper known as being very good at saving strikes on goal. They are known for having great reactions. Good keepers have an instinctive ability to anticipate where to position themselves. They know how to dive or spread themselves in order to make a save. They can be recognized by a high saves to shots ratio.

NeuerFree Agent90
BuffonPM Black White88
De GeaMan Red87
CourtoisLondon FC87
LlorisNorth East London86

Let us know what you think of the PES 2017 Player ratings for the top 5 players at each position. We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. If you want real club names and logo in the game, check out this tutorial we posted recently.


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