Treasure Demon in Person 5 are the rarest and difficult enemies that you’ll find in both the Palaces and Momentos. These enemies yield a huge amount of experience and money which can be used for the Persona Fusion.

Image Credits: Atlus

In case if you are looking to defeat the Treasure Demons and you are facing hardships, you can follow this guide. It’ll help you defeat the Treasure Demons and will guide you about their weaknesses.

The second Palace in the game is the place where you’ll first encounter a Treasure Demon. Morgana will be your guide and will quickly explain what a Treasure Demon actually is.

Treasure Demons have a Gemstone-like shape mainly in the field. Each and every Treasure Demon is named after some unusual and important historical gem. They can burst out of any destructible object or element in the palaces. The can also be found wandering around in the open as normal enemies.

So, if you are failed to find one in the Palace, you can always find it in the Momentos. Treasure Demons are not practically deadly enemies at all. They have a fantastic ability to resist against an attack for a long time. They can also move very rapidly, so sometimes they will escape before you even know it. In this case, you’ll have a less time anticipating their possible weaknesses, so you’ll have to think fast as well.

If you want higher chances of seeing a Treasure Demon, the best time to go to the Palaces or Momentos will be on rainy days. Or you can also use the Treasure Trap Infiltration tool.

Image Credits: Atlus

There are eight different Treasure Demon types. Each of them has a unique weakness and skill that you can inherit via the Fusion. Most of the Treasure Demons have a broad selection of different Magic and Passive skills. So, you must save them to your Persona Registry (Inventory) if you want to use them later. In addition, keep in mind that you cannot use the Treasure Demons like the other special Personas that you capture via the Negotiations.

Following is a list of all the weaknesses and inheritable skills for each and every single Treasure Demon. For more advanced versions, aim for a massive melee hit. Or you can use the Rebellion of Physical attacks as well with a chance of Critical. Morgana’s Punch will certainly be the best choice if you want to knock the Treasure Demos out.

Weaknesses and Inheritable Skills for Treasure Demons

Regent (Level 10)

  • Weak to Psy, Frei
  • Fusion Skills: Maragi, Mabufu, Mazio, Magaru, Mapsi, Mafrei, Makouha, Meiha

Queen’s Necklace (Level 15)

  • Weak to Guns
  • Fusion Skills: Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja, Recarm, Media, Tarunda, Rakunda, Sukunda

Stone of Scone (Level 20)

  • Weak to Curse
  • Fusion Skills: Agilao, Bufula, Zionga, Psilo, Kouga, Eiga

Koh-i-Noor (Level 25)

  • Resists all but Blessing and Curse; Null Blessing and Curse
  • Fusion Skills: Dodge all of the following: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Psi, Bless, Curse, Nuclear

Orlov (Level 30)

  • Normal damage from Electric only; Resist Physical; Null everything else
  • Fusion Skills: Magilao, Mabufula, Mazionga, Magarula, Mapsio, Makouga, Maeiga, Mafreila

Emperor’s Amulet (Level 35)

  • Normal damage from Fire only; Blocks Gun, Bless and Curse; Resist Physical; Absorb everything else
  • Fusion Skills: Agidyne, Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Garudyne, Psidyne, Freidyne, Kougaon, Eigaon

Hope Diamond (Level 40)

  • Normal damage from Wind only; Blocks Gun, Bless and Curse; Resist Physical; Reflect everything else
  • Fusion Skills: Auto-Mataru, Auto-Maraku, Auto-Masuku, Endure, Regenerate 2, Invigorate 2, High Counter, Fast Heal

Crystal Skull (Level 50)

  • Normal damage from Bless; Blocks Gun; Resist Physical; Reflect everything else
  • Fusion Skills: Maragidyne, Mabufudyne, Maziodyne, Magarudyne, Mapsidyne, Mafreidyne, Makougaon, Maeigaon