Shadow Shido is the Eighth most daring and difficult boss in Persona 5. The level of his intense and matchless powers combined with his political wit will definitely stun you as Phantom Thieves. This particular antagonist is also known with the alias of Masayoshi Shido. He’s a politician who has been a Metropolitan Assemblyman and the Representative of the National Diet of Japan. Masayoshi Shido’s only goal in the game is to become the prime minister of Japan. To fulfill his dream of becoming the prime minister, Masayoshi Shido would do ruthlessly whatever it takes.

In the game, he uses his own son to destroy the Palace of the opposition to win the elections. As his biggest dream, Masayoshi Shido ever likes the people who stand in the way of his dreams. And if the opponents are the notorious Phantom Thieves (Players), Shido will do whatever it takes to save his Heart from getting stolen.

As the Phantom Thieves, you’ll find Masayoshi Shido aka the Shadow Shido quite challenging and he will take all that you have if you want to defeat the beast. If you are stuck at defeating the Eighth most dangerous villain in the game, you can always try the following guide. It’ll definitely help you with certain ways in which you can defeat the Shadow Shido.

Here’s everything you need to know to defeat the Shadow Shido.

While being a politician, Masayoshi Shido will wear a black suit, and orange tainted glasses. But when Masayoshi Shido becomes the Shadow Shido, he’ll wear a spiky helmet, with a military general’s uniform, a red cape, and the gloves. Shido usually rides a gigantic monster named as the Beast of Human Sacrifices. It’s a giant golden lion with a fearing body and faces of humans.

Shadow Shido hits two times in a single turn. He deals with one Physical Attack and a Debuff that affects the entire party of Phantom Thieves. So, you must keep all of your guard, Accuracy, and Evasions ready and keep on chipping at the enemy’s health. While suffering from the blows, be careful of Shadow Shido’s Dekunda as well. Shido uses the Dekunda as its Beast King’s wrath and it deals a heavy damage to the entire party in a strong swipe.

After a number of turns, Shadow Shido’s beast grows the wings and transforms into a Griffon namely the Wings of Human Sacrifices. While in the form of Griffon Shido deals three different attacks in a single turn. Each one of those attacks is a heavy variant of an attribute spell. When the time comes, you should have all the recovery spells ready. You’ll see the first attack which is in a sequence of Agidyne, Bufundyne, and Ziodyne. The next one consists of Garudyne, Psidyne, and Freidyne. The final attack from Shido consists of Kougaon and Eigaon. This is the time when Shido will be mostly vulnerable to the Physical and Gun attacks.

Once this stage is cleared up, Shido changes form again. This time Shadow Shido transforms into a giant pyramid made of golden torsos. Shido calls this form the Tomb of Human Sacrifices. The pyramid form features a big canon in the center that deals a very powerful single target attack namely Bless Attribute. While in this form Shido will only attack once per turn. However, stay alerted as Shido’s canon will be charging for one final attack during this time. All you got to do is to keep your guards up and focus on your defense capabilities. Destroying the tomb before the attack begins will certainly be the best choice.

Upon the destruction of the tomb, Shido will look at the protagonist as a boy he sued for interference in Shido’s harassment of a woman. This is when Shido talks a bit with the boy and rips off his clothes and throws away his spiky helmet to reveal his new form. You’ll see a bizarre spring harness wrapping around Shido’s toned and muscular body.

In this particular form, Shido will use Fear Spells against you along with the physical attacks. Once his HP has dropped below the half, he instantly uses the Multi-target Deathbound Physical attack and hits one or two times max.

After this, it seems that Shido is now ready to be cornered and you can now take his heart, Shido reveals his true and the last form. This form breaks Shido’s harness and creates a new purple aura. Upon the creation of Purple Aura, Shido will instantly trigger the Tyrant’s Glare. This increases Shido’s action count back to three per turn. Once done with the Tyrant’s Glare, Shido moves to the next attack, the Tyrant’s Wave. This particular attack deals a heavy damage to the whole party of Phantom Thieves.

All you have to do is to make ready your Energy Shower and Amrita Shower. This will help you lift the effects of fear ailments on both you and your teammates. Furthermore, in the response to Shido’s attacks such as Deathbound and Megidola, you can also use Masukukaja to buff the agility. You can also heal the party with the Mediarama as well.

Following is the gameplay footage that will further help you if you want to take down the Masayoshi Shido in Persona 5.

Hopefully, this guide will help you deal with one of the most challenging and difficult bosses/villains of the game. Was this guide helpful? Do let us know about that via the comments.


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