Persona 5 is a new Social Simulator and one of the best Persona series JRPG video game by Atlus. The game brings back the popular Negotiation system to the series. It helps recruit new Personas for the players and get help while fighting against the enemies.

The Demons Negotiation system was part of the earlier Persona series games, Persona 5 brought it back along with a number of other remarkable features. This great feature was replaced with the Shuffle Time, another similar system that mostly appears at the end of battles with the enemies. The Shuffle system rewards the players with a new Persona or some other bonuses at the end.

Persona 5 Negotiations with the Shadows

Persona 5 has the Negotiation system that allows the players to have the option to talk with the Shadows. This option helps players convince the shadows to join their team in the form of a Persona. If not the Persona, this allows the players to have an item in the form of a bonus or money.

However, starting negotiations with the Shadows is a bit tricky. In order to start the negotiations, players will have to first Knock off all the enemies in a battle. Now, to knock down the enemies, players will need to use their weapons such as guns and magic spells. The best way to knock down the enemies using the weapons and spells is to target their weak spots.

Once all the enemies are knocked down, players can Hold Up the enemies, launch an all-out attack with all of the teammates or simply talk to the Shadows. By starting the talk with the shadows, the players will be able to start negotiations with them.

During the negotiations, players will have to answer a number of different questions asked by the shadows. Players will have multiple different options to choose between and answer the shadows according to their likeness. Players’ answers will eventually decide if the shadows want to join their team or not. So, choose your answers carefully.

Make the Persona 5 Negotiations With Shadows Easier

Players can make the negotiations easy with the shadows by a number of different methods. One of the best ways is to increase the rank of your Sun Arcana. A good relation with the Confidant improves both the negotiations and sometimes lets the players to fully skip the negotiations in order to recruit Personas. If the players have a maximum Sun Arcana level, they will be able to recruit the Personas with higher levels as well.

Another great way to make the negotiations easy is to eliminate all the shadows and leave only the one demon with whom they want to negotiate. By doing so, the last remaining shadow will get frightened and will be forced to join the player’s team as a Persona. This way all the questions can also be skipped fully.

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However, the best of all Persona 5 tips to make the negotiations easy with the shadows is hidden in the plain sight. Persona 5 allows the players to press the triangle button while in the overworld. By doing so, the players will be able to start the tutorial that features a lot of different things and explains them to the players.

This tutorial contains all the information on Demons and Shadow negotiations that remain hidden at the start of the game. So according to this information, players will exactly know what type of answers different demons like to hear. It’s stated in the information that the Upbeat Demons like answers with jokes and hate serious and vague answers. On the other hand, the Timid Demons like Kind answers and hate joke and vague answers. Similarly, the Irritable Demons like getting serious answers instead of kind and vague ones. Lastly, the Gloomy Demons like to have Vague answers instead of the serious answers.

To know about the personality of a demon/shadow, players can use the Hold-up or the Analysis Screens.

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