A delay for the Western release of Persona 5 has been announced. This time the game has been delayed till April of next year and you won’t believe your eyes when you find out why they delayed the game.


Why is Persona 5 delayed till April of next year?

Yes, it’s being delayed to have dual audio which is bad planning and we’re mad about the 0% foresight on these things by the developer. At least we can play Final Fantasy XV and Tales of Berseria until April. Dual Audio issues? Seriously? And it’s gonna take 2 months to fix that issue? We’re calling BS. This can be solved with a simple update or DLC. They could’ve released the Japanese audio afterward in a DLC.

It is most probably localization issues. The guy who made the announcement said that they want it to be the gold standard. It is not the dual audio. It is literally that they didn’t have a big enough team to tackle all the text in the game to translate it. Anyway, we’re worried about the pre-order because a lot of players didn’t do it online. Usually, you never had a non-online pre-order get delayed so it’s hard to tell whether players are supposed to do something so there’s no issues in April. However, if they tell players in April that the receipt has the wrong date, and they can’t have the game then there will be a lot of anger.

However, given the size of the game and the relatively smaller size of the team, the delay could make sense. There’s a bit of a difference between a 20-25 minute episode on Crunchyroll to a 50 hour+ RPG which has multiple conversations and extra dialogue as well as event based dialogue and text. And flavor text. Basically a whole crapload of text. And it’s not just a case of run it all through Google Translate. Even if you were exaggerating about the “like a week” it would still take a year+ to do a good job on a game like Persona 5.


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