Game cheats have always been there since the dawn of time. Even in the 80s and 90s, games like Super Mario and Contra have their versions of cheats to help players gain some gaming advantages. Even in current games, cheats are still there. And of the most common cheat is farming for money. In this case, farming 999,999 Yen in Persona 5 in as short as two hours.

Persona 5 money farming

This farming technique was first discovered by Youtuber Madness Gaming. In his tutorial, he discussed how one can take advantage of Personal 5‘s gameplay to obtain unlimited Yen in just two hours.

They way this trick works is by understanding some of the mechanics of the game. In Personal 5, there is a skill called Confusion. Every time a character is inflicted with this status ailment, that said character drops money. The good news is, this goes both ways. Meaning, if a character inflicts this to an enemy, that enemy will also drop some cash.

The money farming technique works best during boss battles. Since during these times, the enemy cannot run away, and neither does the character. However, before going out and finding a boss to battle, take note of a few things first.

Firstly, it is best to equip your teammates with low-level weapons. This will decrease the likelihood of your teammates killing the boss prematurely. Second, it would not kill you to max out your Luck. This will increase the probability of inflicting Confuse to your enemy.

Third, you would also need to learn the Pulinpa skill. This will also increase the chance of your character inflicting Confuse. Having Confuse Boost will definitely increase the success rate of your Confuse skill, so take note of this as well. As for the persona to use, Madness Gaming says any persona can be used for this farming technique. However, for a much better chance of succeeding, Inugami, Mandrake, and Onmoraki are more than fit for the job.

If you’re still confused about how the trick is done, check out the video below.


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