Persona 5 is finally here. It’s going to be one of the best Role Playing games in the history of Persona series. Like a number of challenging and equally exciting aspects of the game, combating against the monsters is a challenging yet a fantastic thing to do.

Recruiting various monsters and combating through the Persona Fusion is one of the most important aspects of the game. It literally adds up a lot to the success while playing the game. However, to know which Personas are best and how the inheritance of skills does actually work, depends upon the amount of time you hold on to any particular Persona.

No matter you are a newbie or a pro level player, the following basic tips and tricks will definitely favor you with all of your queries about the Persona 5 Fusion System. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips to know more about the Fusion system. And how you can utilize it to enhance the Persona 5 experience. Hopefully, these Persona Fusion tips will help you get the most out of time in Velvet Room.

Register Your Personas In The Compendium

In the start, before even fusing any Personas, you need to make sure to register every single one of them. Once you have fused a Persona, you can’t un-fuse it. This literally means that if you have to fuse a persona, fuse it with care. Registering personas helps you save them from getting wasted and you can use the registered Personas in the Compendium again. You can add the registered personas in a mix with others and create more powerful personas as well. So, to keep the personas from getting wasted, do register them into the compendium and don’t forget to register one Persona of every Arcana. Keeping that Persona of Arcana at hand as the Confident Social link will also help you level up your confidence as well.

Don’t Let The Personas Get Attached To Yourself A Lot

While in the Velvet Room, a Persona can stay connected to your for a longer time. It’s easy to hang on to a single Persona for a longer time you wander through the palace. Personas level up a little bit slower than your character. So, it’ll be a lot better if you fuse that persona and then keep it with you as a powerful one. In addition, if you want to carry any particular skill from a Persona, you can always select various abilities to inherit as well. Your number of skills that you carry, correlates directly to your Social Link level that further correlates to the Arcana of that particular Persona.

How Can You Produce Some Powerful Personas

One beneficial Persona 5 tip is to fuse a persona that can help you with having a high Social Link rank. It helps power it up. At each and every level of the Social Link the Arcana lets you give that Persona an Exp boost. This allows you to fuse another persona at your current level, but the gained Exp helps you fuse a persona that’s on a higher level than your current level. This further helps you out with achieving access to the powerful skills of the advanced levels. So, to level up on your Social Link is a beneficial thing to do if you want to produce some really powerful personas. It helps you defeat higher level or tougher bosses as well.

Diversify All the Equipped Personas

Whenever you are fusing a Persona, it’s necessary to keep track of the balance of your current equipped hand. In most of the cases, you will not like to have some personas with the similar type of disadvantages. So, every time you go into a palace, make sure to have a wide spread of different skills every time. Combine it with all the inherited abilities of the other personas and enjoy a wide spread of different personas with a varying range of persona skills. This will, in turn, save you from being vulnerable to most of the enemy attacks.

Be Attentive To The Assistants, Caroline And Justine

In the Velvet Room, there is Igor. Igor has two assistants named as Caroline and Justine who help you gain access to a number of different options. These options are mostly related to making your personas more powerful and to the Social Skill Links. The often ask for one specific persona for the Social Link and a number of other things. There are countless challenges that these two blondes will throw at you. However, you can provide solutions to every problem you’ll have to face in the Velvet Room. This routine eventually helps you with putting your personas against the elemental weaknesses.

The above guide is all about how you can actually Fuse some Personas and go through the Velvet Room. Hopefully, it’ll help you with all of your persona cravings and a lot of other things. How did you find this guide, in particular, do let us know via the comments?

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