Persona 5 happens in a fictionalized variant of a genuine Tokyo area. Atlus is currently requesting that fans quit disturbing the people who live there. As Kotaku beforehand detailed, the motivation for in-game area Yongenjaya is Tokyo’s Sangenjaya. A significant number of its true spots were reawakened in the game. This likewise incorporates the Persona 5 coin clothing, batting confine, and bistro.

persona 5

Persona 5 fans are turning into a disturbance for nearby inhabitants of Tokyo

On Persona 5’s official site, Atlus expressed that a few fans who have been going to the area have been bringing about issues for local people. Atlus particularly indicates “activities that disregard society’s behavior”. This incorporates stuff, for example, leaving junk, harming property, and trespassing for taking photographs. That last one may allude to cosplayers going to the territory.

Atlus is asking fans for their participation in toning down their activities and not irritating occupants. Persona 5 is the sort of game that any RPG fan can get and appreciate. A major portion of us is anticipating replaying Persona 5 one year from now and discussing it in more prominent detail. Until then, we will proceed with our visually impaired playthrough and attempt to maintain a strategic distance from significant spoilers no matter what.

Source: Atlus


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