We think many people think it’s impossible that Persona 5 will make it on the Nintendo Switch. And their excuse for that is that traditionally the series has remained a Sony exclusive to date. To that, we have to say yeah they’re right there. But Atlus with the SMT games in the past has always explored new avenues for viability of their franchises on other systems.


There’s a good chance Persona 5 can happen on the Nintendo Switch

Just so happened when they did make many of the SMT games and Persona games, they were very focused on the Sony platforms, and not just for the Persona series. This all happened back when Sony had a stranglehold on the entire gaming market. Especially during the PS2 days with games like Digital Devil Saga, the Devil Summoner action-RPG games, Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. So of course, they’d focus on the most popular system out there.

But since then they’ve been very heavily invested in Nintendo with releases like SMT: Strange Journey. Devil Survivor 1 & 2, on 3DS they released Devil Survivor Overclocked and Record Breaker, SMT4 & SMT4: Apocalypse, Soul Hackers, and Persona Q. Not to mention, Sega is now Atlus’s owner and publisher. We’ve already seen them exert influence over Atlus’s autonomy by breaking off ties with NIS America for the European localization and publishing of their titles.

Also, we’ve seen the announcement of Valkyria Revolution going to Xbox One as well as the Sony platforms like PS4 and Vita. With Sega at the helm, we think it’s quite possible they’d at least want to see Persona 5 be released on more systems. We also find the timing of the delay of Persona 5 to be suspicious somewhat. We mean sure, there were localization hiccups likely caused by that issue with NIS America. But it fits so perfectly with the release date of the Nintendo Switch.

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