It is no hidden fact that there is cut throat rivalry between the cold-drink giants Pepsi and Coke. Each is trying to outshine and overtake the other through marketing and advertising. Coke recently took a shift from ‘Open Happinnes’ campaign to the new ‘Taste the Feeling’. On the other hand, Pepsi has taken a more familiar route.


Pepsi has launched the #SayItWithPepsi campaign and as a part of this campaign, it has launched a new emoji keyboard for Android called #PepsiMoji. Just like other emoji keyboard apps, users will be able to copy the emoji on to any other apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook Messenger, etc.

There is a total of 35 emoji at offer currently. Most of them are related to the Pepsi logo but that should already be expected. There are other emoji like the one giving off the summer vibe with BBQs and sunglasses, sports emoji like that of cricket, football and surfing. We don’t yet know whether more emoji will be added in future, but 35 seems a bit low for an emoji keyboard, especially considering the fact that the other famous emoji keyboards offer a lot more.

The #SayItWithPepsi campaign has been launched in countries like Canada, Australia, Russia and Thailand. Other countries will follow soon. The #Pepsimoji app can be downloaded from Google Play Store via below given source link.


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