There have been several instances when TV shows have been criticized for having a negative effect on the viewers. However, there aren’t many cartoon shows that are accused of causing neurological disorders in kids. Well, ‘Peppa Pig’ is one of those accused TV shows. It’s a popular kids show that has been facing a lot of backlashing recently as researchers and health care experts think it impacts the children negatively.


According to the recent reports, researchers claim that prolonged exposure to ‘Peppa Pig’ may lead to the development of autism in children. In the what seems like a harmless cartoon for children, Peppa Pig and her brother George are two largely loved cartoon characters among kids. Marc Wildemberge of the Harvard University had said a few years back that the children watching the cartoon can possibly develop autism.

Specifically, kids who watch at least half an hour of watching the cartoon are at 56% risk of becoming autistic. The study was done four years back, but it resurfaced when ‘Peppa Pig’ started getting criticism recently. Of course, many people won’t believe it, and Mr. Wildemberge’s research had been slammed as there was no evidence to back his claims. Some say that children might take up Peppa Pig’s bratty behavior, but it’s possible that all his hullabaloo is being caused to badmouth the show and bring it down.

Meanwhile, some parents complain that their kids often copy Peppa’s attitude that’s mostly annoying. Jumping in muddy puddles, blowing and burping raspberries, behaving like a brat, and saying ‘I don’t want to play with you anymore’ are all the signs of a child copying ‘Peppa Pig’. Well, all we can say right now is until any evidence comes up supporting that the cartoon show does cause autism, parents must relax and try to teach manners to their kids instead of blaming a TV show.


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