The war to find out the best platform for gaming will go on as long as there is a universal platform to play all the games. This is not going to be happening anytime soon, so it is best to decide which is the most efficient and productive platform to play games. Yes, the consoles have their own advantages but does it provide the complete experience that a PC can give. So check out these 5 reasons on why the PC gaming is better compared to the consoles.


1. Prices of games

This is one of the most talked about reason and this is in favor of the PC big time. Games on the next-gen platforms cost almost double the prices of their PC counterparts. People who don’t have issues spending lots of cash for gaming may not have a problem with this, but the others will vouch for the PC.

2. Ability to Modify

PC gaming has the advantage of tweaking settings to get the maximum out of the hardware. If a gamer wants 60fps with all settings at max, they can go for a high-end PC build complete with SLI/Crossfire and a powerful processor. Or if they want 30 fps at low to medium quality, they can opt for a budget build. The options are endless.

3. No fee for multiplayer

PC games with multiplayer support don’t have any extra charges to play. Most of the time, the purchase of the game will entitle the user to play online.

4. Mods

Imagine the Sims series without mods. That itself gives you an idea of why mods are so important. They give the game so much for flexibility and playability. PC gaming wins here without any doubts. Applying mods to a game makes the player feel so much more connected to it. If not for mods, Skyrim wouldn’t have had thousands of updates which tweaked the game.

5. Your game, your rules

While engaging in PC gaming, players have the liberty to play the way they like. Use the conventional keyboard and mouse setup for gaming or go for the joystick while playing simulation games. Want to play FIFA? Then grab your joystick. Looking for a very realistic experience of racing? Get a hold of Project Cars or Dirt Rally and play with your racing wheel, complete with the accelerator, clutch, brake, and gears.

So what do you think about PC gaming? Give out your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below.


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