Korean company Patchworks, known popularly for manufacturing smartphone accessories has announced a new Clear Round case and Color case for the upcoming iPhone SE, before the official announcement of the smartphone by Apple scheduled for 21 March.

Patchworks have also stated that these cases will also fit iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. That has led to speculations that the dimensions of the new iPhone SE will be somewhat identical to that of  iPhone 5.

iPhone SE

The Clear Round case will cover and protect the iPhone SE entirely. It uses a combination of Polycarbonate and TPU material, the back of the case is crystal clear see through made out of Polycarbonate while sides of the case are covered entirely using TPU for added strength.

According to Patchworks, Color cases will be available in 12 Vivid colors –Jet Black, Sky Blue, Baby Pink, Purple, Olive Green, Hot Pink, Flame Red, Espresso Brown, Mango Yellow,  Navy Blue, Titanium Grey and Alpine White. These color cases come with Polycarbonate body with galvanized rubber coating for a better and comfortable grip.

iPhone SE

Along with cases, Patchworks has also launched an ITG Glass screen which will be available in 3 different types; Plus (Essential), Pro Plus (Premium) and Silicate (Strongest). Screen protectors are also there for adding strength to the display of the new iPhone SE, they are available in both Anti-Glare and Clear screen protectors to give you options according to your need. Another thing worth mentioning is that these screen protectors comes in front only or front and rear combo types.

Patchworks will soon make these new cases and protectors available through a direct sale from its official website and will start shipping them from the next week right after the official announcement of iPhone SE by Apple on March 21.

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