Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki are good friends. That may be the reason why the 24-year old ‘Love in the Moonlight’ actor recently expressed his interest to work with Song Hye Kyo’s would-be husband.

Park Bo Gum
Photo Source: Facebook/Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum expressed deep affection for his friend Song Joong Ki at the 2017 Seoul Drama Awards. In the previous year, he also showed similar interest but it seems he has not received any such offer to work with his dear friend. He hinted that whether it be brothers or two characters falling in love with a woman – anything is accepted to him. It would be great, according to him, if they could just appear onscreen together.

“If I were to have the opportunity to work with Song Joong Ki, playing brothers would be good, but anything would be great as long as it was with him,” Park Bo Gum opined, as reported by Soompi.

The actor’s role in 2016-premiered ‘Love in the Moonlight’ has received tremendous acclamation worldwide. But after the completion of this series, he went on a hiatus in October 2016. Many fans are very curious to know about his next project or at least they want to know when he will be returning to the screen.

Some recent reports claimed that he was in talks with a South Korean director, Lee Yong Joo. His avid followers and fans highly expected him to sign a contract with Lee Yong Joo and play the lead role in his upcoming movie ‘Seo Bok.’ But he has recently turned down the offer.

This is not the only project Park Bo Gum has turned down. He is said to have rejected many love calls from different directors and producers in the last couple of months. He even refused to work on a historical movie ‘Ansi Fortress’ and a TVN fantasy drama ‘Hwayugi.’ However, according to an insider, the actor believes that he does not require to rush and he will still receive a plenty of love calls.


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