Apple released the latest iOS 10 during September, and until now we haven’t seen a single jailbreak tool to be released. The current situation might be changed, since Pangu (the major jailbreak group) hasn’t released their jailbreak tool, in spite of stating the group is in possession of such. If the group is telling the truth, we might soon see the first public iOS 10 jailbreak tool.

Downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 10

As Neurogadget reports, there’s a chance of Pangu releasing the tool before the end of 2016, just in time for holidays. Since Apple is planning on releasing iOS 10.2 during next few weeks, according to the Morning News USA. The build is in its third beta and should be released pretty soon. This might be a perfect time for the group to release the jailbreak tool, before Cupertino giant updates their mobile OS.

On the other hand, Pangu’s last working jailbreak tool was designed for iOS 9.3.3. Apple claimed that it removed the bugs found in iOS 9.3, which allowed for the tool to be used. This doesn’t offer iOS users wanting to jailbreak their devices much hope for the iOS 10 tool to be released soon.

Further, Apple isn’t concerned about Pangu releasing the new jailbreak tool. The company claims that the latest version of their mobile OS is unbreakable. Apple stated this more than once, and they might be right. Aside from a few individuals, there were no signs of a jailbreak tool for the latest iOS 10 going public. If Pangu doesn’t release their jailbreak tool before 2017, Apple might end up as a winner of the jailbreak battle. The next few weeks will show is the iOS 10 breakable, or not.