Paladins Halloween Pumpking Patch is coming with OB36. Probably the coolest thing about it is the Pumpking skin. It consists of a blue cape with a pumpkin drawn on the back. The character has a giant fire-like pumpkin in its belly. In each of its hands is a pumpkin grenade that can be thrown. The new Paladins Halloween Pumpking Patch was shown in action in a dev stream recently.

paladins halloween pumpking patch
via youtube

Paladins Halloween Pumpking Patch looks spooky

The devs didn’t explicitly explain how you’re going to get the new skins but we assume you’ll have to pay for them. They also stated there will be a voice pack with the skins. Hopefully it will be on the PTS so you’ll be able to see them in action. Another thing that they teased was the Hitman Skin for Burke. Apparently, this comes with its own voice pack as well.

A new Grover Skin makes it look like the little plant tree from Guardians of The Galaxy. The other thing that the devs mentioned but didn’t show was the shooting range. They also talked about new monetization method being introduced with Boosters. You basically boost something in your gameplay in exchange for cash. Basically, this allows you to grind through Ranked mode quicker. The boost duration depends upon the amount of crystals. A 600 crystal boost will last for 30 days and so on.

The Punpking Skin looks awesome even if it is just behind a pay wall. Some technical stuff is also happening behind the scene. Lead programmer for the game hinted at some nerfs happening soon. Ying’s health and illusion times might be decreased significantly. Sky will be more easy to spot with sounds playing whenever it cloaks or decloaks. Footsteps will be more noticeable too.

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