On the off chance that you’ve ever taken a Blizzard Entertainment title, you know the designer loves to prod their fans. For Overwatch, Blizzard prodded the hero Sombra for quite a long time before at long last uncovering her at BlizzCon2016.

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Overwatch’s Next Hero Is The Most Unlikely Character You Will Ever See In Video Games

Presently, Blizzard may have quite recently begun prodding the following conceivable hero for Overwatch through an anecdotal meeting with Efi Oladele. It is an 11-year-old young lady from Numbani. Subsequent to analyzing the meeting, we’re prepared to impart some of our theories to you about the conceivable 24th Overwatch hero. And how she could be played. Most importantly, the presentation in the meeting takes note of that Efi from Numbani as specified previously. Numbani is a map in Overwatch portraying the “City of Harmony” in Western Coastal Africa in the game’s map.

She is a virtuoso who has fabricated a “great resume” in the fields of covert ops and counterfeit consciousness. Furthermore, she has as of late gotten the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “virtuoso allowance”. That is the reason the meeting is occurring. Thusly, she will probably be utilizing innovative devices and make use of robots or AI to help her prevail against her adversaries.

At the time of composing there is no particular sign how the following hero will function. Or any sort of discharge date. Yet it is dependably amusing to estimate. So remember that the conceivable outcomes talked about in this article are just opinions.



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