The Overwatch Doomfist release is expected to bring in new Skins for the offensive character. As it’s Blizzard’s one of the biggest releases for Overwatch, fans are excited to receive both the character of Doomfist and the Skins.


However, Blizzard hasn’t yet revealed a release date for the Doomfist, but with the latest insights, it’s highly likely that the Doomfist will make a debut soon. As the major Overwatch Summer Games event is about to start on almost identical dates as past year, it is highly likely that the Doomfist will be released in early August.

Or it’s also possible that Blizzard will release Doomfist and start the Summer event all together with a little difference of the dates. Doomfist’s character is already out on PTR on PC only.

If Blizzard is planning to follow the last year’s release patterns for Orisa, fans will probably be treated to Doomfist in a few week’s time. The suitable release date seems July 24th, 2017. This will eventually, offer some time to all the fans to get familiar with Doomfist via the PTR update on PC.

In addition, some of the dataminers have reported that they have found over 60 new cosmetic items that are expected to release with Doomfist. Some new cosmetic items will also be added to the game with the Summer Event.

According to the Dataminers, After examining the data carefully, they have found out that Doomfist will receive four new cosmetic items during the Summer event time. The rest will be available with Doomfist’s debut.

The same dataminers has also revealed that it is highly likely that Doomfist will receive a Summer Event specific skin as well. Various other items such as Sprays and Emotes are also expected to be included in the next big Overwatch update.

Following is the detail of possible new Cosmetic Items that are reportedly coming out with Doomfist.


Golden Gun
Cute Spray
Pixel Spray


Heroic Victory Pose
Heroic Highlight Intro
Heroic Emote
Highlight Intro(s) (Random)
Default Weapon Skin (Non-gold)
Default Voice Line
Classic Skin


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