Blizzard has announced that many new heroes, maps, game modes and more will be coming to Overwatch in 2017. Let us know what you would like to see. Plus, we give our own thoughts as to what we would like to see in Overwatch as well.

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Overwatch is getting an update in 2017 and we have a wishlist

They should make a tank healer. Since there are times when whole teams pick attack heroes. Forcing some players to fill in all the roles. Isn’t the whole point of a tank is that they shield and have to rely on healers to heal? Roadhog has neither. He has tons of HP and is slower but otherwise isn’t too tank like. We’d also love a tank healer because road hog can only heal himself. And we hate that because if anything he should be like soldier 76 who can heal his teammates, However limited the healing may be.

A Tank that can hurt himself to heal someone else. That’d be great. It forces you to choose between keeping someone else alive or keeping yourself alive. And only a tank would have the health pool to do that without killing himself. We think it should be more like you take 80% of DMG on the teammate you used said ability on. And you gain 100 armor on activation. So you could take double the DMG but you are also saving a teammate who is probably on the front line and it’s not too much like zarya.

We also think soldier needs a nerf. All he needs is more damage drop off, or spread. because he shreds way too fast. And makes Pharah pretty useless. Not only does he make Pharah borderline useless, he makes most DPS less useful. You can still play McCree to counter Tracer or Mei to counter D.Va/Genji. But honestly, that’s about it. Not much reason to choose anyone over Soldier.

Source: Polygon


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