Blizzard has extended the latest seasonal Overwatch Uprising event. The event was ended today earlier than the time Blizzard had previously set for it. Some of the fans were definitely not happy about it, but Blizzard has compensated by extending the event for another 24 hours.

According to Blizzard, the event was ended earlier than its original time by mistake. The studio admitted it by posting a message on twitter. All the Overwatch Uprising event loot boxes have also been restored. This means that the King’s Row brawl will also return to the game if it hadn’t already returned.

Blizzard’s message about the early Overwatch Uprising Event shut down states that;

“Earlier this evening, our Overwatch Uprising event ended earlier than intended.

This was a mistake, and we’ve already re-enabled Uprising Loot Boxes as well as the ability to unlock Overwatch Uprising-themed cosmetics with credits on all platforms.”

Following is the studio’s latest tweet that confirms the event extension.

All the players who were logged in at the time the event ended, they may need to log in again in order to return to the King’s Row event.

So, the Overwatch event will now end on May 2 at 5pm PT and 8pm ET.

This isn’t the only time an Overwatch event has ended earlier than the designated time. Another event which was themed at Halloween finished too soon as well. It caused a massive stir among the players and Overwatch community.

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The Overwatch Uprising event has been running on PC, PS4, and Xbox One since the start of April 2017. Blizzard hasn’t yet announced any other seasonal events similar to the Uprising. But, the popularity of the latest uprising event has definitely paved the way for more. Hopefully, after the end of Overwatch Uprising event, Blizzard will soon announce another one.