Overwatch: Uprising event will have new dialogues between each and every character such as Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjorn, and Tracer, Michael Chu Explains. Furthermore, the additional voice lines of the event are also included in both default and All heroes mode. This means that they are available for all the characters in the game.

New Dialogues and Extra Voice Lines

In addition, players will have to find all the extra lines on their own because there are not so many details available in the Overwatch: Uprising event about them. Players will be able to find all the extra voice lines by owning both the default and all heroes mode. Along with all the new conversations, the Overwatch: Uprising event will also have tons of new content and will include the Easter Event Enigma as well.

All these features will remain available until the end of Overwatch: Uprising event in May 2017. So, all the players have plenty of time to find and unlock the extra and secret dialogues in the Overwatch: Uprising event. This will eventually make the players play all the new game modes including the Insurrection mode’s PvP gameplay.

The King’s Row Map

The Insurrection PvP mode in Overwatch Uprising event allows the players to enjoy King’s Row in London while eliminating the members of a criminal organization that goes by the name “Null Sector”. The gameplay here tasks the players to eliminate the Null Sectors operatives and free the political leaders taken as hostages. The gameplay offers classic battle system involving Zone Capture and vehicle escort, mini-boss fights and more.

The first sectors objectives include disabling the Canons in order to bring in the door-busting payload. Furthermore, the secondary objectives include keeping on against proto-Orisa and some bastions. However, in the PvE mode, players’ strategy skills will be changed a bit. So, the players will have to build a solid team to win the game.

Following are some of the best strategies, guidelines, tips and tricks to win the Insurrection mode in Overwatch: Uprising event.

Strategies, Guidelines, Tips & Tricks To Win The Overwatch: Uprising PvP

As it is a strategy title, players must work together instead of putting in a one-man show. In addition, the PvE mode requires good tactical skill, players must know which enemies are of high priority. Because sometimes it’s a better approach to eliminating a flock of small robots than to defeating a big enemy.

The Humanoid Mechs

The humanoid mechs have a tendency to overwhelm the players in the game when they are in huge numbers. But, the humanoids are always easy to destroy and defeat, so players can ignore them. However, the Slicer is a kind of machine that is a bit tricky and sometimes hard to destroy. So, players need to take it down because Slicers are programmed to go after the player’s payload using their focus laser.

The Detonator Mechs

In addition, players also need to quickly eliminate the Detonator Mechs. These machines are fast and they get closer to players’ Payload and initiate the Self-destruct. So they are kind of more dangerous than the others. If a player is affected by the Detonator mechs, and the self-destruct is initiated, that player’s mission will end prematurely. On the other hand, the Shielded Omnic are the enemies in Overwatch: Uprising event that can deal a lot of damage to the players. They are basically rocket throwers but are very low on accuracy. So, players can leave them for later.

The Bastion

The real pain in the Overwatch: Uprising are the Bastion. They can turn into turrets anytime and can deliver way more damage than any other enemies. They always hide behind the Shielded Omnic so, it’s quite hard to get rid of them. So, the players will first tackle with the Shielded Omnic and then destroy the Bastion.

The Proto-Orisa (The Final Boss)

The final hurdle and the last boss in Overwatch: uprising is the Proto-Orisa. Players should definitely confront the Proto-Orisa with high caution because it always accompanies two Bastions. If one player goes down, others need to get that player back fast. It’s highly suggested by Inverse in their guide.

Overwatch: Uprising event is all about the strategies that the players are bound to plan if they want to win it. The better tactical approach, ability to know which enemies are to be prioritized, using the required skills, and reaching out to enemies with a better solution to their abilities is all that will help you in the event. So, stay sharp, stay with your team, and keep on hunting the enemies until you defeat them all.


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