Next Overwatch Update could bring another controversial change to the game. And that has to do with Zarya. Why is it controversial? Well, a lot of players complain that she is too OP. We love playing with Zarya but we also noticed she might be too over-powered in certain situations. So, could the next Overwatch Update target Zarya? Well, we can only speculate. However, we would like to discuss why Zarya deserves a nerf

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Should Overwatch Update nerf Zarya?

Is he too powerful? Zarya is in every single game of Overwatch. She is played more than Lucio now. That is quite maddening indeed. Blizzard wants Overwatch heroes to be equally playable and we think that could be a major reason Zarya gets nerfed in a later update.

Zarya is the most played Tank and that’s surprising because a lot of people would think Reindhardt is the most played Tank. But Zarya is so flexible. She can provide defensive shields to herself and her teammates. This can also be an offensive shield. So, you can shield people with the intention of taking damage and then you rush forward to do damage with the charger you got on your shield.

On the other hand, her Ultima is really powerful. You can do things like pull enemies off payload. But she is obviously more than that. What you have with Zarya is a very durable character. She is arguably the main component in the team who doesn’t die so often because she has a ton of health. Her shield which recharges while you use it as defensive, is the main focus.

Do you think Zarya could get nerfed in the next Overwatch update? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more. The Overwatch October Event might take place soon. We’ll update you with news regarding that as well.


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