Overwatch’s Play Of The Game feature will soon be upgraded to Play Of The Game 2.0, in an upcoming Overwatch Update. It will include much-needed tweaks that will make room for the featuring of combo plays that may involve more than one hero. This is exciting news because it will GREATLY increase the quality of Top Plays that will be uploaded to Youtube in the future. We think they should make dual POTGs. For example, it’ll be great giving the credit to the Zarya who threw the Graviton Surge and not just the Hanzo who Dragonstriked because they both did great.

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Overwatch Update will include Play Of The Game 2.0

Another decent idea would be to make POTG like a comic strip. Where the person that started the POTG (Zarya for example) is being shown in the top left corner and the Reaper that wipes the team out in the Zarya ult is being shown in the bottom right. Kind of like split screen. The same that you get in fighting games.

Ana needs to get more POTGs especially if SHE ulted the person who went it. It’s not fair if she gets shafted for doing what she’s supposed to do. We personally think multiple heroes should be featured in the play of the game. It is a TEAM game after all. Some of the best play of games we see in videos are made by 2 or more people such as a Zarya+Dva ult combo, and it feels wrong that only one player gets credit for it. Having play of the game show multiple heroes would definitely help supports get the recognition they deserve. We’re not saying to completely get rid of solo play of the games, just add the possibility of having multiple hero plays).

We think Overwatch needs to take a lesson from Dirty Bomb, where, while medics are often the unsung heroes they usually are in games, they gain by far the most xp, even without getting any kills. Even if you don’t get public recognition you still have that incentive to play the classes to be top of the team. Anyways let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Overwatch Update.


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