The Overwatch by Blizzard is about to receive another major update very soon. The developer has recently discussed the next big content drop and possible changes on PS4 and Xbox One.


Blizzard is planning to update the game once more and this time the developer is going to potentially change the Skill ratings and Win/Loss Streaks. They are currently evaluating the Skill Ratings and Competitive ranks.

According to Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan-

“We want to keep evaluating different things. I think right now we’re really looking at skill rating as it pertains to individual contribution versus just win/loss.

We’re also evaluating how should win streaks and loss streaks affect skill rating, or should they affect skill rating.”

Kaplan further said that the Loss Streak penalties were always so hard for some players to take.

“It’s very devastating to players when they’re on a loss streak and their skill rating loss keeps increasing, it feels terrible. And that’s something we’d like to change, so we’re looking into that.

Nobody to date has complained about a win streak bonus that they get, but they definitely don’t like the loss streak, so we’re going to look into that one, that’s something that we’re definitely going to evaluate”

In addition, Kaplan said that Doomfist is about to release and all the Overwatch players are in for a real treat because of that. Well, that is absolutely true. A huge number of players are waiting for this versatile character. Blizzard has confirmed the character, but haven’t revealed a release date yet.

As part of the next big Overwatch update, as Blizzard mentioned earlier, the Public Test Region (PTR) is likely to be released on Xbox One and PS4.

The new unique PTR will allow the players to test the new features of the game on PC. The players will be able to test the new features on PC before even they are released to all the Overwatch fans.

Why the PTR will only be available on PC for the time being, Kaplan commented on that too. According to him, if we make the PTR feature available on the consoles, it will slow down the update process. However, there is a possibility to release the PTR on consoles in future.

So, this innovative feature is possibly going to become part of the game for PC audience. It’ll be available for all the console players sometime next year. Let’s see how much this unique feature helps the game improve.

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Source: Express Online