In an interview with Kotaku about a month ago, lead designer Geoff Goodman and artist Rachel Day confirmed an LGBT character would be revealed soon. But no one had any clue who it would be or when it would drop. That changed with Overwatch comic number 10, Reflections. This comic documents Tracer’s journey to find the perfect Christmas gift for Winston. And she is revealed as a lesbian. Is this latest Overwatch controversy good or bad for Blizzard?

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Overwatch Tracer controversy might be good or bad for Tracer

Everyone is missing the point. We, for one, are very disappointed that they did this. It seems like a cheap scam that a greedy company uses to create controversy and get sales. Definitely not something you expect from a successful game like Overwatch. Fans of this series want a legitimate story, about the wars around the world, the deaths, mass destruction, and “we have to do something!” says Winston. So what does an LGBTQ character add to all this? This game has no true story and they give us some romance/peaceful/LGBT money grab? This is why people are angry including. $60 game with no story?

We were lead to believe we would at least know what the main story objective is. All we know is there is a war/crisis. We don’t mind R&R but where was the work exactly? Us playing competitive mode surely can’t count for the lack of content and illegitimate story they made and are giving us in fragments. To us, this is a stab in the back. They give us characters for free but however still used LGBT controversy to get a quick money grab and sales since Christmas are nigh.

Players never jumped the gun, around now was the perfect time for them to release some content on the war. The game may not portray death and destruction but is the catalyst for them fighting in the first place. Why shouldn’t they elaborate on the foundation of the game is beyond us and should be for other players as well.


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