Anjali Bhimani, well known to the Overwatch player groups as Symmetra’s voice on-screen character, as of late transferred a video on her YouTube channel. She was acquainting something she needs to make with her fans from all around the globe. Anjali is referred to the Internet as a “fun-sized” lady. This is because of her stature just achieving 5′ (1.52m). She is regularly portrayed as a lady of “petite stature”. Moreover, she considers herself as a fun-sized girl.

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Overwatch Symmetra Voice Actress Launches “Fun-Size” Positivity Vlogs

She reported needing to spread inspiration through her new channel and forthcoming site in light of that “fun-sized” idea. This is on account of the fact that she trusts that everyone is assembled in a fun size in their own specific manner. Furthermore, everybody ought to experience carrying on with a “fun-sized” life.

Anjali is requesting individuals to send messages with inquiries they might want to ask her. Those inquiries ought not exclusively be identifying with Overwatch or her work as Symmetra’s voice performing artist. Be that as it may, all the more particularly, these inquiries ought to lead her to improve individual feelings. Moreover, they should help her make people feel good about themselves.

The reason she is doing this, as she said on her YouTube video, is on the grounds that she has been getting an extraordinary measure of liberality from her fans. Moreover, she is planning to offer back to the group along these lines.

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