As of late, we discovered that two pro Overwatch players have been suspended for 2-months. This was done after information surfaced that the two players were taking part in sexual associations with numerous female fans. This is evidently a major no-no in the South Korea Overwatch pro group.

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South Korean Overwatch players were suspended for having questionable relations with female fans

Well known South Korean Overwatch group “Lunatic-Hai” restricted players Lee Tae Jun and Geum “Senior member” Dong-geun from taking part in OGN’s Apex Season 2. It is one of the greatest Overwatch tournaments on the planet. They are likewise suspended from “every single other occasion” for the following two months. This is on the grounds that the players were exposed for having sex with their female fans. This was indicated by a Reddit post examining the news. A group rep from “Neurotic Hai” said the following in an announcement interpreted from Korean. “These two have accomplished something they ought not do as esports players. Furthermore, we have found a way to make sure they don’t do it again.”

As indicated by reports, the player/ fan connections were uncovered by one of the involved fans. She posted about her association with Tae Jun on a message board. This prompted to the disclosure that Tae Jun was involved with no less than three other female fans. He at first denied these allegations which just aggravated matters when the truth turned out.

Source: Mashable


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