In our Overwatch Sombra update we discuss potential Sombra abilities and what adding a new hero to Overwatch really means. Many own character concepts or Sombra ability speculation posts forget about some core principles of the game.

overwatch sombra update
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Overwatch Sombra Update – New abilities we want

There are a lot of different ability types in Overwatch. These are affects that certain abilities provide. We have stun, heal, heal prevention, damage, damage overtime, damage and speed boost, damage reduction, self-heal, armor increase, projectile absorption, flying, blink dash and many more weapons specific abilities and properties.

On top of this, we also have a lot of ability downtime properties. These include the classic cooldown charge-based and reset-based. So, to create a new character we need to keep all of this in mind and combine all what we previously had. Alternatively, we could come up with something completely new as well.

One such ability is disable. There’s a lot of different types of disables but how will it all fit into Sombra? Let’s start off with the hacking type of character. One of the only things we haven’t seen so far is a disable ability that prevents others from using their own abilities. This ability is very common in MOBA games and is even found in several FPS games. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new Sombra character had this ability.

The disable ability could be anything between OP or completely useless. You could have Sombra make enemy players immobile but that would be too annoying in a fast paced FPS game like Overwatch. Or it could be something that messes with your screen like removing UI and making the vision blurred.

Cloak Ability?

Moving on. We definitely expect a cloaking ability to be added. It’ll be static, meaning if you stay at one point you become invisible and then visible again once you start moving. This will provide some stealth but won’t be OP. And that’s a good thing.

Let us know what you think of our Overwatch Sombra Update.


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