Is Overwatch Sombra OP? Not exactly. In some areas, she is, in others, she’s arguably underpowered. Let’s go into detail on Sombra, the latest Overwatch hero. Overall, she’s fine, but her hack skill is playing out in a real boring way. Way too good on healthpacks, negligible on heroes.

overwatch sombra
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Overwatch Sombra guide

Being self-reliant on health packs, we feel, is detracting from what she can actually do. Your main priorities to hack should be healers > tanks > DPS. Nullifying a Roadhog, you can burst him down, at close range mind you, with consistent damage to headshots within those 6 seconds. The only thing he has to do is hit you as you’re jumping around. You completely nullify Rein, Dva, and Zarya. You feel like you are contributing a lot more to your team by hacking opponents as opposed to health packs. A Zarya without her shield is useless and she dies pretty quick. A Dva unable to defense matrix is a dead dva. A Genji unable to dash or deflect is a dead Genji. Mei can’t do anything while she’s hacked.

It comes down to coordination. If you are in front trying to hack, you’re doing it wrong. Overwatch Sombra is an opportunist. Hack from high vantage points and when you’re not spotted. Hacking the big health packs in chokes is vital, we agree, but so is hacking crucial heroes. She isn’t a 1v1 Hero. She’s an opportunist. We feel like too many people use her like they would a Soldier or Genji even. She can see weak heroes through walls, hence opportunist. Finishing off weak heroes let’s her help the team. However, it will only work with a coordinated team. She definitely isn’t a 1v1 hero unless you get the drop.

We guess in time people will realize her strengths and weaknesses and learn from it. However, we do reckon she might change the meta or maybe not.


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