We’re here to bring you some urgent news that was uncovered recently. Overwatch Sombra has been accidentally revealed ahead of the official Halloween event. A picture of her was leaked all over the internet. Furthermore, it’s from a scheduled article that was going to be published in the future. However, the picture appears to be taken from a phone. Someone apparently got a bit sneaky and took a picture of the computer screen with the draft still up.

overwatch sombra
via reddit

Overwatch Sombra leaked – No comments from Blizzard yet

The text on the blurred picture goes something like this (credits to Reddit):

“Sombra is one of the world’s best and most notorious hackers. As a child she lost everything to the Omnic Crisis… with computers to survive. She worked with Los Muertos gang in Mexico. Executing increasingly more [hacks?]… until she attracted too much unwanted attention and had to go underground. During that time… [Rest translated by Reddit below]

[…][p]rotect the castle doors from the Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies.”[…]

[…]ry your hand at three different difficulties – the harder the difficulty, the more points you can earn!

Hero: Sombra (she will be hacking her way into the build later tonight) [PICTURE]

That Sombra is the woman (or the daughter of this woman) on the far right of this pic of original Overwatch (would imply that “lost everything” means her mother(?) was killed in combat with Overwatch and would explain why she is willing to work against them with Talon)”

Just looking at her picture gives a bit of a Matrix vibe. She reminds us of the leather clad hackers in the Matrix films. But her overcoat is purple which also fits really well with the Overwatch aesthetic.

It’s kind of hard to tell whether it’s confirmed as legit or not. But we’ll let you know when we get some positive info on that. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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