Overwatch Sombra reveal trailer just barely came out at blizzcon 2016 and today we’re talking about it. She is listed as an attacker/ offense. She can use her teleport when need, even in mid battle. Also, she has cloak but can’t attack or take damage until she will be uncloaked. She can temporarily hack an opponents weapons from being used then her ultimate is an EMP that disables weapons and shields.

overwatch sombra
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Overwatch Sombra is a new hacker/ stealth character

She has numerous abilities. Hack – Locks down ability of an enemy and health kits. Camo – Turn invisible unless you attack. Switch Teleport – Teleports you to beacon even mid toss. EMP – Locks down all abilities shields and turrets. She seems like a stealthy type of character thats for disrupting the enemy team.

Sombra is a nimble hacker with a cloaking ability. A return to point kind of teleporter (basically tracer mixed with symmetra), sub machine gun, and some kind of environmental hacking powers. We have a new map in Russia as well, that looks claustrophobic and leveled. Sombra is also in it for herself, so that’s cool.

So, basically, she has a teleporter. She can deactivate turrets, so bastion and tjorborn are in for a treat. Also, she can parkour and has an uzi. She hacks enemy abilities only, so you can still use basic fire. Torb turrets will probably be affected, Bastion will not, except for his ult/heal.

The ARG wasn’t necessary, but it was awesome to give people something to do in the meantime. We discovered a lot of lore and story that actually plays into this clip and the release. ARGs are almost always for background info and speculation. The only game we know that actually had ARG functions built into the game is Infamous: Second Son, and even that was only for the sake of backstory. The character is more important than the ARG.

Let us know your thoughts on Overwatch Sombra.


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