We don’t think lag has anything to do with the hook hooking individuals from around corners in Overwatch. Roadhog can hook players around corners, given certain conditions, paying little mind to ping slack.

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Overwatch is extremely lopsided and better internet won’t change that

We think the base of the issue is not latency. The reality is that the hook’s hitbox is not the hook. Yet rather a circle around the hook. In any case, this circular hit box around the hook is not noticeable.

So if the middle, seen part goes past a divider, the side of the hitbox will be inside the divider as it comes. When it leaves the divider on the opposite side it might slam into another player’s hitbox who is out of the Roadhog’s sight line. This is a similar reason it’s truly janky when you’re hooking individuals from underneath an edge. The circular hitbox reaches out beneath the noticeable hook making it simple to have it crash into a player’s head who’s remaining on that edge.

The change is made where it will endeavor to drop the player before where you’re looking as Roadhog. Rather than simply pulling them in a straight line to you is a decent highly required change in Overwatch. Since individuals have had players arrive wherever from on top of you to behind you once in a while.

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