All the heroes are still great without their capacities in Overwatch. Yet, Roadhog not really. So making him to a lesser degree a danger for a more drawn out measure of time will be a major nerf. Also, his pick rate will drop a ton. So we don’t think making the hook cool off time longer will help.

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Overwatch Roadhog nerf is no less than a stage in the correct course

While the hook may not be the center issue, it’s still an issue as we would like to think. As it takes less mechanical ability to hook somebody than, for instance, getting a headshot with McCree. Yet, a hook has much more potential harm. By and by, we think the cooldown is too low. We’d get a kick out of the chance to see them take a stab at changing the hook to 8 seconds (possibly 10). Just to make every hook utilize more hazard.

This will make you think twice before using the hook. Obviously, this should be possible now, yet with a more drawn out cooldown, it may constrain you to realize when to utilize it. What’s more, it will prevent players from utilizing it each time it’s not on cooldown.

To elucidate, we don’t detest Roadhog. We truly like the character. In any case, having such a colossal potential reward for something that is less demanding to use than for instance McCree/Hanzo/Widow headshots is discernible. It certainly still focuses to be steady with, yet not as much as it takes to get solid headshots with alternate heroes in Overwatch. We’d be shocked in the event that anybody really believes it’s simpler to land reliable McCree headshots instead of Roadhog hooks.

Source: Kotaku


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