In the event that anybody ever questions the capacity of video games to unite individuals, demonstrate to them this. A gathering of Overwatch players has collaborated to respect their fallen companion. They curated a flawlessly coordinated in-game weapon salute utilizing some of the game’s distinctive heroes. Willem Den Toom was a proofreader at the gaming site based out of the Philippines. He passed far from a heart attack at the age of 35.

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Overwatch is verification that video games are more than only for playing

Willem Den Toom, Overwatch player and contributor at Too Much Gaming, passed away Jan. 15. So his companions paid tribute to him in one of his most loved game. YouTube channel Too Much Gaming played out the Overwatch variant of a 21-firearm salute. They played out this as a tribute to a fallen gamer and companion.

The Toom dedication started with a major gathering of Pharah heroes shooting their rocket launchers straightforwardly towards the sun. Moreover, they tailed it with Reinhardt’s terminating flares aiming toward the sky. Next, Toom’s gathering of companions enacted a cluster of Symmetra characters in Overwatch. Considerably more, they’ve included various Zaryas and Lucios, finishing the commemoration by summoning various Spirit Dragons.

Source: Kotaku


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