An Overwatch patch note was revealed yesterday from the PTR servers. The new Patch Note has hinted at some major character changes in everyone’s favourite video game. To everyone’s surprise, the major change in the Overwatch story is not going to affect the future of the neutral robot, Bastion. Instead of Bastion, Blizzard may give the nerf treatment to the Egyptian Sharpshooter Ana.

Ana Overwatch (courtesy- IGN)
Ana Overwatch (courtesy- IGN)

The Overwatch Public Test Realm’s (PTR) recent reports have shown her Biotic Rifle damage dropping from a level of 80 to 60 and the damage level of her Biotic Grenade falling rock-hard from 60 to 30 damages. Along with her assault capabilities, the healing power of Ana will also be reduced from 100 to 50 healing factors. That means, her allies will not get more benefits out of Ana’s potential.

A message from Blizzard has explained, “As we iterate on the PTR patch, we are going to be trying out the following hero changes,” they further added, “These should be up on the PTR very soon, hopefully, tomorrow morning. As always these updates are subject to change.”

The rumours of Bastion getting a nerf treatment ensued from the recent posts on the PTR servers in the past few weeks. Earlier Bastion received an update aimed at increasing his survivability. The new update makes Bastion immune to around 20% less damage while configuring for Sentry and 35% lesser damage taking while configuring for Tank.

Bastion- Overwatch (image src- PlayOverwatch)
Bastion- Overwatch (image src- PlayOverwatch)

“After introducing the new Ironclad passive ability in the last patch, Bastion felt a little too difficult to deal with. This reduction maintains his survivability while he’s transformed, but he shouldn’t feel so overbearing to enemies.”

Now let’s have a look at what changes the new PTR Patch will bring in the Overwatch

Ana Biotic Rifle– Damage decreased from 80 to 60.

Biotic Grenade– Damage decreased from 60 to 30.

Healing- Impact reduced from 100 to 50.

Junkrat Total Mayhem- Junkart will no longer hurt himself from his explosions.
Orisa Fusion Driver- Size of the magazine reduced from 200 to 150.

Supercharger- Cost increased by 15%.

Sombra Stealth- Sound effects and VO distance for entering and exiting Stealth reduced to 15 meters.

Translocator- Cooldown is now reduced to 4seconds instead of the earlier 6seconds.

Winston Barrier Projectory- Cooldown will now start when the barrier is placed, instead of when it ends.
Zenyatta Orb of Destruction– Alternate fire recovery reduced from 1s to 0.6s.

Orb of Discord– Can now target enemies through barriers to increase the accuracy.


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