In this article, we’ll go over all the steps to unlock the oni Genji skin that was announced at BlizzCon 2016 for Overwatch. 3 new Overwatch skins were shown at Blizzcon recently. 2 Overwatch skins for Sombra called: Los Muertos and Cyberspace. One skin for Genji called Oni.

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How to unlock Overwatch Oni Genji Skin

Here’s a brief bit to answer some of the questions here centered around console players: To unlock the Oni Genji skin on console you’ll have to play Heroes of the Storm on PC or Mac (make sure you play on the same account that you play on console), and then once you complete the 15 games, the skin will be available for you on console. Create a battlenet account if you haven’t already. After that, connect your Xbox One and PlayStation 4. People often add random friends in HotS to get the XP bonus, just like Overwatch. You can even add people during the game if you ask for their bnet id. Then tab out and add them (and have them tab out and accept).

On the other hand, Ana got two new skins herself. That’s the way it is with all the heroes. We expect those 2 skins for Sombra to just have recolors like the rest. A lot of people are wondering why Blizzard have made the Genji skin soo hard to get. Why can’t they make it so it only can be earned in lootboxes and you can’t buy the skin? Well, they want Overwatch players to try out Heroes of the Storm. It’s a great way to force players to play the game and then some percentage will keep playing it. You can play 15 matches vs AI on the lowest difficulty in a free game. After that, you can uninstall it if you still don’t like it. It literally takes 5 minutes x 15 to get the skin. People run easy AI games all day long in HotS to do daily quests, games are usually 4-6 minutes long. And since there is party-with-friend bonus XP, people often add randoms just to get the bonus (just like Overwatch).


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