Blizzard recently teased all the Overwatch fans via a cryptic tweet about an upcoming big event update. The news got out so fast and ended up on Reddit where fans are still trying to work out on what the latest Blizzard Tweet means and what is going to be revealed next week.


Blizzard has a history of teasing the fans about the events via a number of different platforms, campaigns, and messages. The recent tease suggests that Blizzard is again up for something really big. This is why the fans are freaking out to know what’s about to be revealed. Check Out Blizzard’s latest Tweet on Overwatch upcoming big event.

Fans of Reddit as always are trying to crack the code. They are trying to get out something meaningful out of blizzards recent tweet in which they shared a short video as well. The video is mainly assumed as a message from Blizzard that has something to do with the King’s Row Uprising event that was live almost seven years ago. The message with Blizzard’s tweet states that

“King’s Row Uprising entering into record seven years ago. Security clearance required: Confidential.”

This is possibly a reference to the most popular map which is currently going under a number of aesthetic changes in the most recent PTR builds of the game.

Blizzard has recently released a new patch in which they tweaked the game’s textures and King’s Row has also been revamped. However, there have been no rout changes made to the map.

According to the game’s Principal Level designer Dave Adams

London was one of the earliest maps and some of the tech we use to build maps and optimize for performance has evolved. Some aspects of the art and lighting were updated to bring it in line with the newer maps and make it easier to make updates and changes in the future.

That being said I sent your feedback over to our artists and they are taking a look. Thanks.

However, it’s still not clear that this has something to do with the new reveal that’s coming next week. It is possible that the King’s Row is set for a full overhaul as well.

The Redditors have spotted some things by analyzing the recently shared video clip by Blizzard. Let’s have a look at the most important points.

“There are ability icons all the way at the top left: Ice Wall, Crossfade, Configurations etc. There’s a QR code on the robot registration poster.

“The interrupted blue lines (blue bar code) look like a code The building is some sort of Omnic Sanctuary (think Genosha for X-men) There’s an overwatch logo in the top right that has been altered.”

A Tracer like character is also seen in the video in the background. The character is wielding dual pistols and a Chrono-Accelerator as well. The appearance of the Tracer suggests that it could also be getting a new skin in the new update. It could also be a way to express the Overwatch’s new style of presenting the events that base on the historical elements withing the game’s lore.

Fans can end up with a number of different conclusions based on the data they have. What’s actually going to be thrown at the fans by Blizzard, will be cleared upon the release of the update. Until then, the fans will have to wait.

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