Overwatch has always kept us all surprising with every edition to its fleet of original characters. Blizzard has recently teased a shopping list showing Efi Oladele compiling a list to built a new Robot. AI expert from Numbani, Efi’s shopping list was tweeted yesterday from PlayOverwatch’s Twitter handle.

Who is Efi Oladele?

Efi is already in line to become the 24th hero in Overwatch owing to her expertise in AI and prodigal mastery in technology. The new shopping list which she shared on her in-game Olovid channel shows her impatience to join the fleet of Overwatch. Well, it seems impossible for Blizzard to let an 11-year old girl join the fleet of the bloodthirsty arena fighters. So, we are of the opinion that she might proxy participate in fighting through one of her AI creations. The robot she is making might be her first fighter in the game.

Though her correct age is unascertainable as the interview that she gave as a young girl might be from the past. The timeline of Overwatch is still undecidable, so Efi Oladale might be an old lady by now. But her intelligence is unquestionable so she might remote control the robot from her living room while sipping a nice cup of tea.

efi oladele
A creative image of Efi Oladele

Now let’s take a look at her shopping list and try to find out what her robot will be like:

OR-15 Chasis: No doubt that in next event Numbani is going to be on the center stage and Efi being a native of Numbani knows better what chasis is going to add strength to her robot in the next duel on her motherland. The OR-15 class omnics will be used by her to built a human-sized flying drone.

Branford Arm- The Overwatch universe is silent about what a Branford arm is. We are guessing it to be an omnic extension.

Fusion Driver- It will house the power chamber and will generate all the energy required to keep Oladele’s robot up and running.

Miniature Tobelstein Reactor- Overwatch’s character Zenyatta’s gun runs on a Tobelstein reactor. This raises the suspicion that Oladele’s new robot may use an energy-beaming weapon.

Paint Brown, Yellow, and Green- Efi is a creative engineer so her choice of colors expresses her creativity. Shades of brown, yellow and green seem unconventional color for a murderous robot.

Axiom Vocal Processor- She originally wrote this in her list but later crossed that off. Maybe she already had it in her store because we can see on the upper right side of her note that an Axiom branded processor has been used as a paperweight.

Lucio-Ohs! – I don’t know if that is even a thing.


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