The community has been eager to get their hands on new content. Season 2 came out with a big balance patch. People are still waiting for Sombre but there are other things that have recently been uncovered about the game’s upcoming monthly update. The summer games was the first attempt at seasonal updates. There are clear signs of a Halloween update. Furthermore, it appears Overwatch Halloween Update Features were leaked.

overwatch halloween update features
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Overwatch Halloween Update Features Leaked

“While I wasn’t able to scrape every audio file bundled with the update (including Ana’s, unfortunately), I did manage to convert about half of the cast’s new voice lines, and discovered several vocal cues that indicated both enhanced team communication and acknowledgement of future holiday events. Note that some of these are live and others aren’t.”

“Much like the other audio cues/clues in Overwatch, it seems that they have friendly and enemy variants. You should be able to listen out and react in-game as a result. Great design! I think one set is heroes saying “I’m unstoppable/I’m feeling unstoppable”. The other is unique lines per hero. I’m trying to compile the raw / source files as always for a vid, but am sure some enterprising sort can grab them quicker ;)”

You can check out the new voice lines at Reddit. Only new voice lines were uncovered at the moment. But we expect more content in the future. This includes new skins, victory poses, and an improved summer games cosmetics system. The Special Event loot boxes received a lot of criticism from the community. The reason for this was that it was hard to get your hands on the things you really wanted.

Whether you wanted a particular player icon or all of the cosmetics. We understand the idea of the rarity but even get one or two or three items of your choice appears to be a chore. This becomes frustrating pretty soon so we expect Blizzard to address this in the rumored Overwatch Halloween Update.

Let us know what you think of the Overwatch Halloween Update Features Leaked so far. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more.


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