A “Game of the Year Edition” of Overwatch would be great to see the on Nintendo Switch. That is if Blizzard actually makes it happen and they fully support Nintendo Switch. Playing Online multiplayer with friends/teams. Also, an interesting idea for Overwatch. If the game was to get an update with more new features and one of them was Local Multiplayer, Split-Screen Play on the TV and maybe Local Wireless Play, those features could do well, especially for the Nintendo Switch.

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How would an Overwatch GOTY edition play on the Nintendo Switch?

It could be beneficial to what the Nintendo Switch is capable of. Taking full advantage of the Switch Home Console and Portable. You can enjoy playing 4 Player Split-Screen multiplayer together with friends as a team from the TV. And/or play Split-Screen online multiplayer or just online multiplayer to play with others all around the world, etc. Maybe even include a single player mode/campaign. Overwatch on the Switch and it running on a Game Card (Cartridge) could also mean of few other things.

-No loading times
-Faster Reading Speeds
-Better visual and performance improvements
-No game installs
-Better game performance
-Even more greater storage

Also, since the Switch can also be used as a Portable system to play the same games anywhere on-the-go at any time with no type of restrictions whatsoever, with Local Wireless Play, those playing with friends with/from the Switch Portable can link up their systems together with their friends via Local Wireless Play. And play together in team-based matches or online multiplayer. Or even local multiplayer without the need of Split-Screen Play on the Switch Portable. Split-Screen Play would never work on a portable system anyway. Maybe this could probably work well in the Esports scene.

Source: Blizzard


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