Not a surprise that this is happening to Blizzard again. It happened to them when Diablo 3 launched with DRM and many players were unable to connect to servers at all. The controversy with DRM got bigger when Blizzard offices in South Korea were raided. Overwatch free weekend arrived mired with server issues. At the moment, console players are unable to enjoy the game because they can’t connect to any servers at all. Their PC counter parts seem to be doing great, though.

overwatch free weekend

Overwatch Free Weekend – Servers are down for console players

guess some things never change. We were hoping Blizzard learned a lesson from the disastrous Diablo 3 release and they actually did, given how smooth the initial release of Overwatch went but maybe that’s because people had to actually buy the game. This time, it was free, so the flood gates were basically opened. You had an addition of more than a thousand players across each platform.

It’s still strange given how Overwatch free weekend didn’t have this problem before. Guess it is becoming increasingly popular by each passing day. Problems include matches not starting properly and players getting randomly disconnected from a match, only to automatically re-enter a moment later. Console players have to spend hours looking at the dreaded “Error starting game, trying again” screen. Players would be disconnected halfway through. Many experienced trouble even connecting to the game. The community has started to catch on to these errors and have commented on them. However, Blizzard has yet to address the controversy. Given how strained the Overwatch servers are, it’ll take a long time for the company to fix the issues. Blizzard should hurry though because there’s no use for having free weekend if you have server issues like these.

Hopefully, Blizzard will resolve the issue. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more Overwatch free weekend news and update.


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