All the Overwatch and Nintendo Switch fans can cheer up as the Multiplayer Online FPS title is up and running on the Nintendo Switch. However, fans shouldn’t get too excited as there are some limitations attached to it as well.

Andrew Sampson Via Twitter

Reportedly, a Nintendo Switch and Overwatch fan used an app to run the game on the console. It all became possible because of an app named as Rainway, which is some sort of an innovative emulator that lets the users stream certain PC games on devices running on DirectX 11.

According to Dot Esports, Nintendo Switch works as a second screen/monitor for the game and players always need a keyboard and a mouse to simply play the game. Well, all being said, it is exciting to just know that Overwatch runs on Nintendo switch because this might be as close as we can ever get to an Overwatch Port for Nintendo Switch.

According to Jeff Kaplan, Nintendo Switch isn’t designed for games such as Overwatch and it cannot handle it as well. Jeff Kaplan stated earlier this year;

“Getting OW on the Switch is very challenging for us. “But we’re always open minded about exploring possible platforms.”

But the recent break from a Twitter user Andrew Sampson has kind of rattled everything previously said about Overwatch on Nintendo Switch. Following is his tweet.

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This indeed is an amazing news for all the Nintendo Switch fans who just want to enjoy this brilliant game on the console. This kind of news is actually a step forward to making it a reality. Hopefully, one day Overwatch will be fully playable on Switch just like the rest of the games.