We have a feeling that in some way, there are two Doomfists currently running around in the overwatch universe at this time. One is the unnamed successor, and the other is Scourge. Our thinking is that Scourge was neutralized by Winston. But put in a top secret prison and stripped of his doomfist. He breaks out and contracts Reaper and Widowmaker to take on two objectives. Reaper to kill the one who defeated him, and for Widowmaker to kill the Omnic Leader as a sign that Scourge has returned.

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Could there be two Doomfists in Overwatch currently?

Reaper fails while Widowmaker is successful. From here, Scourge tasks them with retrieving his Doomfist from the museum for the first time. They fail once again. Scourge sees their inadequacy and contracts another merc to help, Sombra, and tasks them to retrieving the President of Russia. As either a bargaining chip to get the Doomfist back, force her to go steal it, or get her team to build another one. The reason we say Scourge is hiring them even though they belong to Talon is because we believe that The Scourge is the leader of Talon.

He hates omnics, he is super powerful, and they have gone after the Doomfist twice now. Of course, you count the in game Numbani mission as cannon. Besides, as far as we know, they haven’t named the leader and Scourge would be an awesome main antagonist. Perhaps we will get two playable characters, two Doomfists, one who is the Successor and the other is The Scourge. That’s just our thoughts on the whole thing.

One last thing, anyone else thinks the kid from the cinematic trailer with the cast is actually supposed to be The Successor? Not only was he able to pick it up and wield it, but he was able to use what we believe to be the Ultimate Ability on it. Sure it fell back off, but a little kid was able to wield something that required giant burly muscle men to carry. Not to mention Tracer’s line to him “The world could do with more heroes”. That might have the kid training to be the Successor so that he can fight Scourge. The kid’s special enough to become a spray in the game, he has to have a bigger part in Overwatch.


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